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World of Warcraft – Addon Guide

Even though Blizzard’s default interface is more than enough for beginners, the more you sink deeper into the magical World of Warcraft, the more you need from your user interface. Perhaps you will find yourself thinking “If only there was something to do for that…”; or maybe you will catch yourself drooling over the flashy buttons on a friend’s screenshot… As I mentioned in the welcome post, although Lorekeeper’s main focus is the story, sometimes we also like to write about other stuff. Well, this addon guide is one of them. After I tell the basics for absolute beginners, I’m going to start listing some of the addons I have used, and found useful. If there is an addon I forgot to mention or if you have anything else to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment under the post so I can update the list.
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“What about Fenix?” – Heroes of the Storm Interview in Gamescom 2015

Gamescom 2015 is still going on as I write this. There will definitely be more news regarding lots of games and stuff. But specifically, I want to talk about my interview with Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm team. Because I actually managed to get a straight and satisfying answer about one of the questions every Starcraft fan has been asking for awhile. And it is from the Game Director of Heroes of the Storm, Dustin Browder himself! It was a really friendly enviroment and we talked about a lot of things: Such as why they decided on the Team Leveling system, their other game design choices etc… When the topic came to our soon-to-be arriving heroes (Kharazim -Diablo 3 Monk, Rexxar and Artanis), Dustin Browder mentioned that they were really looking forward to getting Artanis and his gameplay kit into the game. He is supposed to be a sturdy and heavy-hitting hero with little mobility. Your typical zealot, right? So I had already set my mind on asking about another favorite Zealot character from Starcraft and it was the perfect opportunity: “What about Fenix?” If you know your Starcraft lore, you probably also know about Praetor Fenix. He was
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Pillars of Eternity – Easy way to kill The Master Below on Hard Difficulty

The trick to kill The Master Below with this tactic is to have as many “Scroll of Maelstrom” as you can. Having lots of creatures to summon also helps. If you don’t have any Maelstrom scrolls or don’t know where to buy, you can craft them yourself using Skaenbone, Adra Ban and Stelgaer Tooth. You can safely kill the leftmost Adragan without turning hostile with other ones. (It’s probably a bug, since you count as in-combat -so you can chant phrases if you have a chanter in your group)
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Quote #2 – Sylvanas Windrunner

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What the hell is Lorekeeper?

Greetings everyone, Unlike our Turkish visitors -who probably know me through my earlier works and articles- you must be wondering what the hell LoreKeeper is. Before moving on any further, let’s quickly deal with that and then I’ll tell you LoreKeeper’s purpose. I’ve been writing about computer games and the worlds beyond their pixels for quite some time… (About 14 years if you are curious) The most important and precious aspects of a game (for me, at least) are it’s story, it’s characters and it’s world. And because they are that important to me, I tend to squeeze those juicy tidbits about their story and characters into my reviews. Since there are tons of young players who don’t understand English, you can say that I embarked this mission on myself to help them explore those amazing worlds. But the problem is that all those stories were scattered all around the magazines and websites I worked for. So I decided to gather them here, and even expand the archieves with new stories. There will be other things -like Blog posts and maybe even some guides of course. But the main focus of the LoreKeeper will always be stories. Thus, LoreKeeper was born. But
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