Greetings everyone,

Unlike our Turkish visitors -who probably know me through my earlier works and articles- you must be wondering what the hell LoreKeeper is. Before moving on any further, let’s quickly deal with that and then I’ll tell you LoreKeeper’s purpose.

I’ve been writing about computer games and the worlds beyond their pixels for quite some time… (About 14 years if you are curious) The most important and precious aspects of a game (for me, at least) are it’s story, it’s characters and it’s world. And because they are that important to me, I tend to squeeze those juicy tidbits about their story and characters into my reviews. Since there are tons of young players who don’t understand English, you can say that I embarked this mission on myself to help them explore those amazing worlds. But the problem is that all those stories were scattered all around the magazines and websites I worked for. So I decided to gather them here, and even expand the archieves with new stories. There will be other things -like Blog posts and maybe even some guides of course. But the main focus of the LoreKeeper will always be stories.

Thus, LoreKeeper was born. But why stop there? I bet there are lots of other people wondering about some huge game’s world. So I decided to include an English version of the website to satisfy that need. And from there, the website started to grow. Currently we have a small number of writers, but I hope that we’ll have more people with more stories to tell. If you are eager to share some of those stories and confident in your writing, feel free to contact me through the website.

Now please relax, and enjoy the stories that we’ll tell. I really do hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Can Arabaci / Monthius

Yazarlardan İnciler
“Çünkü klasiklerin klasik olmasının bir sebebi vardır. Özellikle de üzerine tüm hasar modifikasyonlarını bastığınızda.”
-Burcu (Amansızca Horizon: Zero Dawn överken)