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Burcu Gülfem Arabacı
Her gaming life began with collecting strawberries as a frog or shooting her brother’s tanks. Not sure which one comes first. Eventually she got into roleplaying, and still playing actively. Enjoys exploring new worlds, solving puzzles and living the stories. She used to miss old school rpg’s and point & click adventures, but no more, thanks to kickstarter. Has chosen a career in software, for the love of Baldur’s Gate. Currently she is developing mobile apps and working on the tech side of Lorekeeper, while trying to squeeze in some articles between all the coding.

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Ezgi Elif Pajecki

An RPG and MMORPG devotee, especially when it comes to the stories of games. A Mass Effect maniac with her N7 tattoo that she carries with pride, and a World of Warcraft addict beyond redemption. There are even times when she claims that Blizzard and Bioware own her salary. Having taken a long break after her leave from Oyun Cadilari (Game Witches), Ezgi now continues with her writing as the responsible for the English content of Lorekeeper.

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A.Zeynep Okur

Paints, games, listens. Started gaming on her mother’s lap and haven’t stopped from the pixels until now; probably will never stop either. Her mind waits for a trigger to create stories and sceneries behind her eyes; can it be just a word, two tunes coming together; maybe even a sight between two blinks. And once sparked, she pours them to the world with brushes, paints and pencils. She’s passionate about every branch of art and for her, games are the masterpieces of the new world. She’s just a medium herself..

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Can Arabacı

He is an avid cRPG player, which devoted himself to tell the stories behind the pixels since he was a mere boy. He started his writing career at a Turkish website called TrGamer when he was just 13 years old. After developing his writing skills there for a few years, he then moved to a monthly gaming magazine named OyunGezer. After that, he acted as an Editor-in-Chief for both Fragtist.com and Merlin’in Kazani. He is also a coffee addict and tabletop FRP guru. Currently he is enjoying his life in Netherlands with his wife and 3 cats while writing for the LoreKeeper.

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Emre İnal
Wonders if it’s possible to develop a piece of code to write this paragragh for himself. Usually plays weird video games that no one else plays. With the emergence of Indie games, now everybody plays those. Loves the games made by or inspired by Nintendo. Criticizes first, tries to like later. Operates by brain, not a heart, becomes a robot sometimes. Tries to observe life as a game, sometimes can’t just be serious. Even though he wrote some reviews for games, nowadays he’s generally more interested in developing them