Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Gamescom 2016 Impressions

If you played Divinity: Original Sin, you know Larian is not known for making “easy” RPGs with quest markers pointing left and right. Appearently that same style has also been carried over to their bussiness booth choices in Gamescom 2016. Being experienced adventurers, we managed to find them. (Although it may or may not have taken us half an hour of searching through the same corridor!) But we quite enjoyed our first quest and reward in Divinity: Original Sin 2; because the presentation itself was amazing!

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Lorekeeper at Gamescom 2016

Another year, another Gamescom gone by… We were much more experienced and prepared this year. At first, we were supposed to go altogether as the main contributors to Lorekeeper but due to some unfortunate issues, only I and Burcu ended up participating. Nevertheless we saw new stuff, attended many meetings & presentations, and generally had so much fun. And here we are, conveying our thoughts to you. Without further ado, let’s get to what we experienced during Gamescom this year…

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Heroes of the Storm: Medivh

“And now that my task is done, I will take my place…amongst the legends of the past..”

The last of the Tirisfal Guardians, bestowed with mighty powers to fight against the demons of the Burning Legion; carrier of the legendary staff Atiesh; the protector and the curse of Azeroth; a name whispered with legends: the Magus Medivh…

Through long ages, the mage communion known as the Council of Tirisfal had pooled their powers to empower a single magus to become the “Guardian” in their efforts to thwart the Burning Legion, whom would return the immense power by the end of their service period. However one such Guardian, Aegwynn, had lost her trust in the Council and refused to give back her powers until she found a suitable candidate.

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World of Warcraft – Addon Guide

Even though Blizzard’s default interface is more than enough for beginners, the more you sink deeper into the magical World of Warcraft, the more you need from your user interface. Perhaps you will find yourself thinking “If only there was something to do for that…”; or maybe you will catch yourself drooling over the flashy buttons on a friend’s screenshot…

As I mentioned in the welcome post, although Lorekeeper’s main focus is the story, sometimes we also like to write about other stuff. Well, this addon guide is one of them. After I tell the basics for absolute beginners, I’m going to start listing some of the addons I have used, and found useful. If there is an addon I forgot to mention or if you have anything else to add, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment under the post so I can update the list.

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lorekeeper-heroes of the storm-dehaka

Heroes of the Storm: Dehaka

“The other pack leaders are a rock, a tree, a hill. They will stand against the wind. They seek power. I am a river. I flow. I seek essence.”

When the Zerg Swarm moved on to new planets with renewed ambition caused by Xel’naga interference, a small group of zerg stayed on Zerus. Evolving on their own for centuries, these Primal Zerg had an ecosystem of their own when Kerrigan landed on Zerus with her own swarm. Dehaka was one of them, he had recently lost his big right arm, looking to collect essence and evolve himself. His survival instinct was apparently stronger, considering how he asked to join Kerrigan’s swarm and offered aid. While the other pack leaders had been falling one by one, Dehaka had already accepted the fact that Kerrigan was the strongest. Zurvan, Yagdra, Kraith, Slivan and others were obliterated before this union, while Dehaka and his pack adapted, survived and evolved with the essence of the fallen. Staying with Kerrigan, he made sure he would have more essence to collect. Continue reading…


Heroes of the Storm: Xul

Necromancers, called by a few as the Priests of Rathma, are a group that is commonly misunderstood and often feared by the common people due to their communication with the dead. According to the Books of Kalan, they were granted, by the legendary nephalem Rathma, the ability to bend the thin line between the life and death of mortals and they were asked to use it for a singular purpose: Keeping the balance between the Light and the Darkness and prevent both Heavens and the Hells to have power over the mortal world more than one another. The first mortal to follow Rathma’s teachings was Mendeln Ul-Diomed, who lived during the Sin Wars era. In time, he would be known as Kalan. Continue reading…


Overwatch Archives: Rise and Fall

About 30 years ago, the world stood on the verge of revolutionary change. Machines had started taking over human labor. To create economic equality over the world and improve production, a new line of robots with sophisticated AI were being created. Designed and produced by the Omnium facilities, these robots would later be known as “Omnics”.

While things did work as intended for a while, this era of prosperity turned into a disaster when omnics rose against their creators due to reasons no longer remembered. When omnics realized that they had no chance of victory against humans with small rebel forces, they kicked off production of military robots in the Omnium facilities. The bulk of this army were the deadly assault units, code named as “Bastion”.

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Torment: Tides of Numenera Impressions

I’ve been playing a lot of Torment: Tides of Numenera for the last few days. “Torment” they said, “an isometric, old school rpg!” and I came running. First of all, it takes guts to make a game and name it Torment so brazenly. We’ve seen some spritual successors or long lost brothers and adopted children of Baldur’s Gate saga for example. And most of them just couldn’t live up to the name. I’m not saying they were bad games, on the contrary, I really loved some of them. Take Pillars of Eternity for instance! That was a great game and a good RPG in my opinion but it was too short and was lacking enough number of side quests under it’s belt to carry the name of Baldur’s Gate. And then there is Dragon Age… Even though it wasn’t the game that was promised, I enjoyed it while it lasted. (Say “Except DA2!” Say it!) So, can Tides of Numenera be the next Torment?
Considering the parts I’ve played, I’ll say: Yes. It definitely has the potential.

Mysterious immortal main character? Check.
Arguing about philosophy with random strangers in a bar? Yup.
Solving problems with looooong conversations instead of fighting your way out? Also Check.
The system rewarding the learning more than hitting people with sticks? Yes, that’s how Numenera works anyway.

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“What about Fenix?” – Heroes of the Storm Interview in Gamescom 2015

Gamescom 2015 is still going on as I write this. There will definitely be more news regarding lots of games and stuff. But specifically, I want to talk about my interview with Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm team. Because I actually managed to get a straight and satisfying answer about one of the questions every Starcraft fan has been asking for awhile. And it is from the Game Director of Heroes of the Storm, Dustin Browder himself!

It was a really friendly enviroment and we talked about a lot of things: Such as why they decided on the Team Leveling system, their other game design choices etc… When the topic came to our soon-to-be arriving heroes (Kharazim -Diablo 3 Monk, Rexxar and Artanis), Dustin Browder mentioned that they were really looking forward to getting Artanis and his gameplay kit into the game. He is supposed to be a sturdy and heavy-hitting hero with little mobility. Your typical zealot, right? So I had already set my mind on asking about another favorite Zealot character from Starcraft and it was the perfect opportunity: “What about Fenix?”

If you know your Starcraft lore, you probably also know about Praetor Fenix. He was a legendary Protoss zealot who fought against the zerg swarm in the original Starcraft game. And even when he was overrun with zergs, he didn’t just stop fighting. He was just suited up in an exo-skeleton Dragoon armor and picked up where he had left off. So naturally, he is a huge fan favorite. But enough with the introductory. We’ll have a detailed Fenix article soon anyway…

I somehow expected Dustin to dodge the question but as I said, he didn’t shy away from it. Instead he tackled it and told me that they had also been talking about Fenix internally. A lot. But to reflex Fenix properly, they had to implement some kind of resurrection mechanic into his skill set. And since there are already lots of heroes with resurrection mechanics (one being the lately released hero – Leoric), they had to step away from that mechanic and move on to something different. At least for a while. However, all is not lost… Apparently he was saving the best for last: “Give us some time. Maybe 6 months or so… We may be talking about Fenix then.”


History of Diablo – Part 4: The Mage Clan Wars

The infinite war between Heaven and Hell led to unexpected results as it headed towards different ways with the Sin War. It was unforeseen to have a third party in the war, which had the power to wipe out the forces of both Hell and Heaven from the battlefield. As a result, The Burning Hells and the High Heavens had to withdraw from Sanctuary and left the Nephalem to their fates, which didn’t improve the situation for the Nephalem whose powers were slowly getting absorbed by the Worldstone. Continue reading…