The outcome of the massacre that Lilith carried out in order to protect the Nephalem was greater than anyone could have expected. Inarius banished Lilith from Sanctuary for her crimes. There were conflicts coming up between the angels and the demons who had finally learned to live together. And above all, the Nephalem lost their potential, their immense power. So Inarius and his followers chose to remain in the shadows. Some of them left Sanctuary whereas some others stayed and started to observe the development of humanity in secret. According to the legends, the human race, facing and struggling with various difficulties, earned the appreciation of even Inarius himself. As Inarius saw that the human race was a threat to neither angels nor demons any longer, he also discovered the religion of Triune. He instantly recognized Diablo, Mephisto and Baal’s influence, and for this time, Inarius not only feared for himself and his followers but also for the future of the children carrying his blood.

Inarius created his own religion in order to stand against the Triune’s ambitions, and introduced himself as “the Prophet”. He based his religion, “The Cathedral of Light”, upon doctrines such as tolerance, cooperation and unity, and used his angelic powers to gather followers. This power struggle that took hold of the eastern side of Sanctuary was later to be accepted as the beginning of The Sin War by the historians.

This war between the Triune and the Cathedral of Light was taking place majorly behind the scenes in seclusion. The followers of both religions made propagandas, erected huge monuments and didn’t even hesitate to use force at times in order to spread their beliefs and to weaken the other side. But there was a third party that both sides didn’t take into account, and this third party became the leading determinant for the result of the Sin War by taking an immeasurable role during the events. This third party was a man named Uldyssian ul-Diomed. He was a simple farmer living in a small village with his younger brother Mendeln until the day he defended a woman named Lylia from a priest of the Cathedral of Light. As both churches’ influences were widespread around that era, it didn’t take long before all fingers were pointed at Uldyssian as the responsible of a brutal murder. Both the Triune and the Cathedral of Light instantly began their hunt for Uldyssian, Mendeln and their friends. Uldyssian, who was a simple farmer when he began his journey, slowly started to discover his Nephalem powers. He even went as far as rallying supporters and revealing the essence of the Nephalem hidden in other people. Uldyssian named his supporters “Edyrem” and united them against the Triune and the Cathedral of Light.

At this time, Lylia’s identity was unmasked and she showed her true self: Lilith. Somehow returning from her exile and releasing the Nephalem powers in Uldyssian, she was the one responsible for pulling the strings of the on-going war. Lilith went into hiding when she understood that she could no longer twist Uldyssian around her finger and lead him against Inarius. But she also didn’t hesitate to take every chance to cause trouble and confusion on Uldyssian.

Uldyssian started to make more aggressive moves after learning the truth about the Triune: It was the Prime Evils who were behind the scene all along. The Edyrem inflicted a heavy blow on the Triune by attacking its churches and decimating its armies. When Uldyssian was done with the Triune, he turned his gaze upon the other target: The Cathedral of Light. The most important moment of the Sin War took place around that time when Uldyssian learned about the Worldstone and, by manipulating it, released all the power of the Ancients that had been absorbed within. The unleashed force was magnifical and it was more than enough to make Inarius shiver. Hence, the severity of the battle between Uldyssian and Inarius shook the foundations of Sanctuary. Just as Inarius realized that he was losing and there was no hope for him, someone unexpected came to his rescue: Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice, and the armies of Heaven. All the power that was released finally made it possible for the High Heavens to discover Sanctuary. And, of course, at a war where Heaven was, Hell would surely follow…


Uldyssian turned out to be the one to end this battle between three groups. He gathered the power that was unleashed from the Worldstone and sent the armies of the High Heavens and the hordes of the Burning Hells back to their own realms at once, showing the true potential of humans meanwhile. But there were other things that Uldyssian realized: The deific power that the Edyrem now possessed was ripping Sanctuary’s fabric of reality, and he was losing his humanity as he spent more and more of his energy. Thus, he made the ultimate sacrifice in the history of Sanctuary in order to not lose his mind completely: He gathered all the loose energy around himself and with a last ditch effort, reset the Worldstone. This act caused his existence to perish and the Edyrem to fall from power.

Although Uldyssian’s sacrifice saved Sanctuary from being torn apart, there was a new problem before humanity. The High Heavens was now aware of this world. And the Angiris Council, formed by the Archangels, had to decide on the fate of Sanctuary and the humans on it. According to the Books of Kalan, Imperius, the Archangel of Valor, voted for the utter annihilation of the human kind. Auriel, the Archangel of Hope, and Itherael, the Archangel of Fate, said that humanity should be spared and left to their own devices, whereas Malthael, the Archangel of Wisdom, chose not to vote. So the fate of humanity was left in the hands of Tyrael, the Archangel of Justice. Greatly impressed by Uldyssian’s sacrifice, Tyrael cast his vote for humanity and saved Sanctuary from utter destruction.

Humanity now had the chance to continue its existence, but now that both Heaven and Hell witnessed the true power of Uldyssian and the Edyrem, it was highly unlikely that they would leave Sanctuary in peace. And for that, for the first time in their history, the two parties decided to make an agreement: Both the High Heavens and the Burning Hells would leave Sanctuary alone to itself and would not try to affect its advancement in any way. As part of the agreement, the High Heavens handed Inarius over to Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, for an eternal torment in the bottomless pits of the Burning Hells.

So what happened to the Edyrem and Lilith? The legends claim that the Edyrem had their memories erased and their Nephalem powers faded away yet again. As for Lilith, it is assumed that she was caught by Inarius before his battle against Uldyssian, and was exiled once more. But who knows what really happened? Especially since we know that the evil always finds a way to get back to Sanctuary…

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