Being one of the most dangerous assassins of Draenor and Azeroth, Garona gained her reputation deservedly. The half-orc assassin held the dagger that killed the King of Stormwind, Llane, and sealed the fate of the first Humans vs Orcs war. However Gul’dan and the Shadow Council were the ones behind the scenes to congratulate as Garona’s birth and upbringing, her training to become a master assassin and every step that she took in her life were a series of events planned and set in motion by Gul’dan.

Garona was mistaken by many as a breed of human and orc at first sight, but this half-orc actually carried Draenei blood from her mother’s side as she was, in fact, the breed of a draenei, captured as a prisoner of war by the Shadow Council, and the warrior orcs of the Stormreaver clan. She was made to age faster and was brainwashed to obey her masters without questioning by Gul’dan’s fel magic. Despite her duteousness, she still had to live a life of exile without any clan as the other orcs cast her away due to her non-orc inheritance. Until the opening of the Dark Portal…

Garona, Gul’dan’s top agent and assassin, was one of the first who stepped into the Dark Portal to get to Azeroth. Although she was caught and kept as a prisoner in Northshire Abbey while she was on her quest to gather information about the magic used by humans, it didn’t take long before the Horde invaded the region and saved her. Soon after she returned to Gul’dan, Garona was tasked to travel to the mysterious mage tower Karazhan for her new mission. This time, she was assigned to spy on the eccentric mage Medivh as an “emissary” of the Horde, but it was not easy for her to do her duty because of the human prejudice against orcs. Medivh’s apprentice Khadgar argued against her stay at Karazhan right off the bat. However, the accusations that the duo throw at each other’s races started to wane when Medivh intervened and asked them to show mutual respect. Fearing the wrath of the archmage, they started a restless alliance.


As time passed, Garona grew on her new companions and felt great respect for Medivh; thus, she started to question her loyalties for the first time in her life. Even though she was under the title of “emissary”, Garona knew that she was still a spy; nevertheless, she felt reluctant on the subject of betraying Medivh’s trust. She even felt safe enough to admit that the bond between her and her companions in Karazhan made her feel closer to the “humane” side.

Garona’s trust towards Medivh came to a halt by Khadgar’s offer to investigate the oddity of the archmage’s behaviour. Upon casting a spell, they created a vision, and it showed them that it was no other than Medivh himself who had brought the orcs to Azeroth. Although Garona thought, at first, that their spell failed and showed them the wrong person, she eventually had to accept the unavoidable truth.

Now that Medivh’s plans were exposed and the Dark Titan Sargeras was gaining control through possession over his soul, Khadgar and Garona had no other chance than fighting him and fleeing from the tower. They went to Stormwind to ask for help from the archmage’s old friends: King Llane and Anduin Lothar. Llane didn’t want to believe the story but Lothar, who had been suspecting that there was something wrong going on with Medivh, immediately set out for Karazhan with a group of guards.

Upon arriving at the tower, the group tried to enter Karazhan through a secret underground passage but, with dismay, they realized that the passage led to a mirror image of the tower, a darker and upside-down version. Meanwhile, the powers dwelling in the tower showed a vision to Garona of her stabbing King Llane, whom she regarded as a friend, during the siege against Stormwind. It was Khadgar, who had also seen other visions, that snapped her out of her state of shock.


The group, led by Anduin Lothar, finally reached Medivh after witnessing the terrors of Karazhan’s darker image, but what they found was more than the eccentric old mage himself. The archmage now had immense power, thanks to the essence of the Guardian and the fel power of Sargeras, and Garona boiled with anger because of his betrayal and her own buried feelings. She attacked the mage blindly, only to be struck down by his spell. Medivh, then, touched her head and cast a second spell, filling her mind with doubts. While Garona was incapacitated due to the spells she was exposed to, Khadgar and Lothar battled the archmage, and after a long fight, they were able to slay Medivh, whom they once called a “friend”. When it was all over, Khadgar and Lothar went to check upon the injured, only to realize that Garona was nowhere to be found.

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“Çünkü klasiklerin klasik olmasının bir sebebi vardır. Özellikle de üzerine tüm hasar modifikasyonlarını bastığınızda.”
-Burcu (Amansızca Horizon: Zero Dawn överken)