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Heroes of the Storm: Dehaka

“The other pack leaders are a rock, a tree, a hill. They will stand against the wind. They seek power. I am a river. I flow. I seek essence.” When the Zerg Swarm moved on to new planets with renewed ambition caused by Xel’naga interference, a small group of zerg stayed on Zerus. Evolving on their own for centuries, these Primal Zerg had an ecosystem of their own when Kerrigan landed on Zerus with her own swarm. Dehaka was one of them, he had recently lost his big right arm, looking to collect essence and evolve himself. His survival instinct was apparently stronger, considering how he asked to join Kerrigan’s swarm and offered aid. While the other pack leaders had been falling one by one, Dehaka had already accepted the fact that Kerrigan was the strongest. Zurvan, Yagdra, Kraith, Slivan and others were obliterated before this union, while Dehaka and his pack adapted, survived and evolved with the essence of the fallen. Staying with Kerrigan, he made sure he would have more essence to collect.
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Heroes of the Storm: Xul

Necromancers, called by a few as the Priests of Rathma, are a group that is commonly misunderstood and often feared by the common people due to their communication with the dead. According to the Books of Kalan, they were granted, by the legendary nephalem Rathma, the ability to bend the thin line between the life and death of mortals and they were asked to use it for a singular purpose: Keeping the balance between the Light and the Darkness and prevent both Heavens and the Hells to have power over the mortal world more than one another. The first mortal to follow Rathma’s teachings was Mendeln Ul-Diomed, who lived during the Sin Wars era. In time, he would be known as Kalan.
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Overwatch Archives: Rise and Fall

About 30 years ago, the world stood on the verge of revolutionary change. Machines had started taking over human labor. To create economic equality over the world and improve production, a new line of robots with sophisticated AI were being created. Designed and produced by the Omnium facilities, these robots would later be known as “Omnics”. While things did work as intended for a while, this era of prosperity turned into a disaster when omnics rose against their creators due to reasons no longer remembered. When omnics realized that they had no chance of victory against humans with small rebel forces, they kicked off production of military robots in the Omnium facilities. The bulk of this army were the deadly assault units, code named as “Bastion”.
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