Garona’s Story – Part 1

Being one of the most dangerous assassins of Draenor and Azeroth, Garona gained her reputation deservedly. The half-orc assassin held the dagger that killed the King of Stormwind, Llane, and sealed the fate of the first Humans vs Orcs war. However Gul’dan and the Shadow Council were the ones behind the scenes to congratulate as Garona’s birth and upbringing, her training to become a master assassin and every step that she took in her life were a series of events planned and set in motion by Gul’dan. Continue reading…


History of Diablo – Part 3: The Sin War

The outcome of the massacre that Lilith carried out in order to protect the Nephalem was greater than anyone could have expected. Inarius banished Lilith from Sanctuary for her crimes. There were conflicts coming up between the angels and the demons who had finally learned to live together. And above all, the Nephalem lost their potential, their immense power. So Inarius and his followers chose to remain in the shadows. Some of them left Sanctuary whereas some others stayed and started to observe the development of humanity in secret. According to the legends, the human race, facing and struggling with various difficulties, earned the appreciation of even Inarius himself. As Inarius saw that the human race was a threat to neither angels nor demons any longer, he also discovered the religion of Triune. He instantly recognized Diablo, Mephisto and Baal’s influence, and for this time, Inarius not only feared for himself and his followers but also for the future of the children carrying his blood. Continue reading…


History of Diablo – Part 2: The Birth of the Nephalem

The Heart of Creation” -in other words, the Worldstone- that the Heaven and Hell ferociously fought for, was more than just a stone despite its name. The Worldstone -also known as the Eye of Anu– was roughly as huge as a mountain, and harboured an immense power within. The legends mention that whoever kept hold of the Worldstone would have the power to create worlds out of nothingness, and would be able to bend the fabric of reality. The same sources also mention that both sides had the supremacy over the stone at different times during the Eternal Conflict. The angels used this power to create worlds of perfect order and to create the morals of justice, hope, wisdom, fate and courage that reflected their ideals, whereas demons used it to destroy the worlds that the angels created, and to spread fear and hatred. Because of this vicious cycle, none of those creations had the chance to shape up and improve, and they died out within a short period of time. Continue reading…


History of Diablo – Part 1: Anu and Tathamet

There was emptiness before the beginning. No air, no warmth, no light, no darkness… It was all but nothingness, except for one smooth, flawless pearl. Within this pearl, the incomprehensibly mighty Anu was dreaming. Anu, with its body composed of bright diamond, was the sum of the whole existence: Good and evil, light and darkness, physical and mystical, joy and sadness… Everything was made up of the reflections on its crystal facets. And in its eternal dream, Anu decided to get rid of its twisted, evil facets in order to become totally pure and perfect; thus, the concepts of evil, darkness, sadness and many others were discarded from its body and ended the disharmony along with the dissonance. Continue reading…


Khadgar’s Story – Part 1

If we ever thought of Azeroth as a living being, magic would be the blood running through its veins and giving it life. Although there have been many people who mastered the use of magic, called themselves “mages” and taken their places in the history books, only a few of those achieved the status of a living and breathing legend. If we specifically narrow this group down to having your statue erected at the main gates of one of the most important cities in the Eastern Kingdoms, we are left out with only one name: Archmage Khadgar. Continue reading…


What the hell is Lorekeeper?

Greetings everyone,

Unlike our Turkish visitors -who probably know me through my earlier works and articles- you must be wondering what the hell LoreKeeper is. Before moving on any further, let’s quickly deal with that and then I’ll tell you LoreKeeper’s purpose.

I’ve been writing about computer games and the worlds beyond their pixels for quite some time… (About 14 years if you are curious) The most important and precious aspects of a game (for me, at least) are it’s story, it’s characters and it’s world. And because they are that important to me, I tend to squeeze those juicy tidbits about their story and characters into my reviews. Since there are tons of young players who don’t understand English, you can say that I embarked this mission on myself to help them explore those amazing worlds. But the problem is that all those stories were scattered all around the magazines and websites I worked for. So I decided to gather them here, and even expand the archieves with new stories. There will be other things -like Blog posts and maybe even some guides of course. But the main focus of the LoreKeeper will always be stories.

Thus, LoreKeeper was born. But why stop there? I bet there are lots of other people wondering about some huge game’s world. So I decided to include an English version of the website to satisfy that need. And from there, the website started to grow. Currently we have a small number of writers, but I hope that we’ll have more people with more stories to tell. If you are eager to share some of those stories and confident in your writing, feel free to contact me through the website.

Now please relax, and enjoy the stories that we’ll tell. I really do hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

Can Arabaci / Monthius